Christian Worldview: Living the Story

Spring 2017, Thursdays
5:59–8:59 p.m.
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Room 251

This course seeks to inculcate learning, loving, and living out the Christian story. We will seek to promote a thoughtful engagement of God’s redemption of His people—and of all things. We will learn to think in terms of the biblical metanarrative that may be schematized in terms of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation.

We assume that people live by somewhat coherent stories, and that a Christianity developed in terms of isolated doctrinal truths will be too thin to compete with other compelling stories (or worldviews) in our culture. The aim is to engage life beyond the level of bumper-sticker theology and random scriptural proof-texts. Since this course seeks to develop categories of biblical thinking, it is in many ways an introduction to the art of theological reflection. 

In all of this, the intention is to prepare the student for practical, lived Christianity—in the marketplace, not just the ivory tower.