From Crisis to Christ: Interpreting the New Testament as Good News to the Real World

Spring 2011, Thursdays
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Center for Christian Study

This course seeks to interpret the New Testament in its larger historical and literary contexts. The gospels are examined with an ear for the way in which Old Testament traditions inform the New Testament portrait of Jesus the messiah. The history and theology of the book of Acts are discussed, with particular emphasis on Paul and his missionary journeys. Then, by a careful weighing of evidence in the Pauline letters themselves along with a judicious use of what evidence Acts can provide the course moves to a close examination of the way in which Paul theologically and pastorally responds to a variety of different situations. Attention is also given to select general letters as well as book of the Revelation. Topics include the baptism and the transfiguration, faith, the kingdom of God, Paul's missionary journeys, humiliation and exaltation, Adam christology, wisdom christology, resurrection bodies and the new creation.

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