God and Vocation: How Faith Affects All We Do in Life

Fall 2018, Thursdays
6:30-8:00 p.m.
Center for Christian Study

This course seeks to locate the place for human doing in God’s creational and redemptive purposes. Its interest is redemptive-historical, christological, and ecclesiological: God’s intention for human doing in creation, how humans turned from that intention in the fall, and how that intention is finally realized in Christ and the church both now and in the age to come. In particular, the human vocation as royal priests who worship God and mediate his goodness to the world is examined with respect to the creation of work, the movement from work to works in the fall, the fulfillment of priesthood and kingship in Christ and his church, and the subsequent move from dead works to good works, as a gift of God by grace through faith. The relation of work and rest in the present and the future is also treated.