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Soul Sabbath

9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Off-Grounds Retreat

Retreat from Grounds for a day to seek the Lord in silence and solitude. Take a break from your homework and other responsibilities, and accept the invitation to rest in the presence of your loving Father.

You may feel like you've had plenty of “alone time” during these several months of pandemic, but pursuing the Lord in solitude is a different way to be alone. If you've never participated in a retreat like this, don't worry! We will provide resources to guide you during this time, and we will be available for prayer or spiritual direction. Lunch will be provided, and snacks will be available throughout the day.

The cost for this event is $5, but if this would deter you from joining us, please reach out and let us know. Registration is now closed for this event.

A solitude retreat is a great spiritual discipline to practice in COVID! Social distancing will be practiced at all times, and there is plenty of outdoor space at the retreat center. To comply with UVA’s limit on gathering sizes, we will assign each student to one of the three buildings at the retreat center for use as their indoor space. When indoors, masks will be required.