Hoo's Got Questions

Hoo's Got Questions

Inspired by the idea that everyone comes to the Lord with questions, Hoo's Got Questions missions week, led by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), will invite students across Grounds to explore challenging questions of faith and life. 

Is the Bible Sexist? Does God exist? Why would a loving God judge me? Why would God die? Can a scientist believe in the resurrection? Is there a purpose in life? Does the Bible support slavery?

Each day will consist of two lunch talks (hosted by the Study Center) and an evening talk facilitated by a speaking team from RZIM. There will be a free lunch at all the afternoon talks, and an opportunity for Q&A at the end of every talk. Students are encouraged to bring their questions, and listen in on the ones other people are asking.

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In partnership with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, Charlottesville Community Church, Cru Christian Fellowship, Eunoia Creative Community, Grace Christian Fellowship, InterVarsity Christian Felllowship, the Navigators at UVA, and Reformed University Fellowship.