The Internship Program at the Center for Christian Study is designed to provide students with a year of ministry and non-profit work. The program offers mentoring and leadership opportunities that enable students to explore their vocational calling and grow in their faith in Christ.

The program incorporates four foundational components: work in community, worship Christ, grow in knowledge and faith, and explore your vocational calling.

Work in Community

The program operates within an intentional Christian community. Ten to twelve interns work together with the staff at the Study Center in various hospitality, programs, communications, and ministry roles. In addition to assisting with Study Center-sponsored hospitality and educational events, interns participate in regular weekly dinners for sharing and prayer, and attend retreats once per semester.

Students are asked to put their faith into practice by serving throughout the program year. Each intern supports the daily hospitality, educational, and ministry outreach of the Study Center and is provided a stipend for his or her ministry work.

Interns 2016-17
2016-17 intern dinner

Worship Christ

Weekly dinners provide a time of worship and prayer prior to sharing a meal together. We also encourage interns to connect with a fellowship group at UVA, as well as a local church body.

Grow in Knowledge and Faith

Interns are encouraged to grow in their knowledge of Scripture and their faith in God in a variety of ways during the year. These opportunities include participating in lectures hosted by the Study Center, joining a small group, and participating in team discussions. Each intern is required to fulfill five hours per month of educational hours apart from his or her paid work.

Explore your Vocational Calling

Interns are each paired with a staff member with whom they meet twice per month for a mentoring meeting. The Study Center will also provide them with three to four books on vocational discernment to read on their own time. Lastly, interns are required to attend a select number of lectures on vocation hosted at the Study Center throughout the year.

"There is never a dull moment among the intern team. We are constantly laughing together, praying for each other, and supporting one another through the ups and downs of being a student. I have grown so much under the wisdom and guidance of the Study Center staff. They constantly remind me that I am working for the Lord and not for man, or myself. This attitude frees me from the pressures to perform or be perfect, which are so prevalent at UVA.” - M.E. Caldwell, Curry ‘17

“In his book Visions of Vocation, Dr. Steve Garber says, ‘The most important task of teaching is to teach what it means to know.’ As an intern at the Center for Christian Study, I gained experience in hospitality, event planning, and communications, but those were only manifestations of what I truly learned during this program. I learned what it means to know the place of the Study Center—in its glory and its disarray—and to know its community—in its victories and sorrows. As I came to know this place and its people, I learned what it means for me to be implicated in God’s story as I cared for and served my neighbors, reflecting on the astonishing reality that the Lord both knows me and loves me.” -Lisa Rohrer, CLAS '15