Books to Grow By (Or Books to Go Buy): Character and Virtue in Children's Literature

Spring 2009
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Center for Christian Study

Do children really need books to grow and flourish? How do stories work 'under the radar' to exert a profound and enduring influence on children's development? What is it about the activity of reading that is qualitatively different from the myriad of exciting entertainment options claiming our children's time and attention?

This four-week lecture series will look at these and other questions, delving into the essential effect of good books on language and emotion, depth of thought, moral constancy and decision-making, and family and spiritual identity. The series will discuss critical skills for reviewing and choosing excellent books for our kids, and look at book lists and resource guides, and lots and lots of good books.

To turn away with an indifferent shrug from helping children to choose books is not good enough. If anything goes, nothing matters. And children's literature does matter, so intensely, that we adults ought to argue ferociously among ourselves about it. We ought to be willing to examine our own tastes and compare them rigorously with the informed opinions of others. -Michele Landsberg, Reading for the Love of It

Media Resources
Week One: Books to Grow By
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Week Three: Books to Grow By
Week Four: Books to Grow By