Evangelicalism at the Crossroads

6:00–7:15 p.m.

Many people have given up on self-identifying as evangelicals. Should we reject or rehabilitate this name? What does it even mean to be evangelical? The sheer number of books and articles on evangelicals and evangelicalism reveals that this movement is confronting an identity crisis. And this is not a mild sort of growing pains. The overwhelming rhetoric in the media about white evangelicals revolves around political alignments and the pursuit of power in ways that seem to discredit the message of Christ. With unprecedented cultural shifts in American society, we are becoming more ethnically diverse and yet politically tribal, religiously pluralistic and yet increasingly secular, globally connected and yet nationalistic. What does all this mean for evangelicalism? Are these passing problems or something more substantial? Should we write an obituary for evangelicalism or a birth announcement of its renewal? Evangelicalism is at a crossroads. 

Join us on Monday, April 6 for this virtual lecture with Walter Kim, President of the National Association of Evangelicals. Stay tuned for more information on accessing the lecture.