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Habits for Purpose: Spiritual Rhythms During Quarantine

8:00–9:00 p.m.

Who are you becoming? Who are you becoming during quarantine? What does how you spend your time have to do with formation? Habits are incredibly formative; our routines can shape us into anxious and distracted living or into living purposeful lives of love. We are all undoubtedly feeling the effects of this large scale disruption. Our routines and normal rhythms look very different—in fact, they might have all gone out the window. In this time of disruption, there is the incredible opportunity to reform and implement habits to form us for a life of love. 

In partnership with other Grounds ministries, join us Wednesday, April 22 at 8:00 p.m. for a webinar with Justin Whitmel Earley, UVA alumnus, lawyer, and author of The Common Rule, as he discusses habits for connection, courage, and love in the midst of quarantine.

Registration is required for this event, and free: 

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