Redeeming the Gift of Power

Redeeming the Gift of Power

8:00-9:15 p.m.
Wilson 402

It is a truism that power corrupts. We see new examples, in the media and our own experience, every day—including, if we are honest, in our own choices and inner life. But is it always true that power corrupts? Is there any hope for those who hold or inherit power? What do we do with the reality of privilege—power we did not earn and cannot easily escape? This lecture offers another way of approaching the topic of power, rooted in creation rather than coercion. Creative power is good news just for the powerful but also the vulnerable—because it is rooted in vulnerability, as well as authority. Power is never easy or safe. But it does not have to corrupt when it bears the image of God.

This event is co-sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.