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Two Views on Baptism

6:00-7:15 p.m.

Christians, trying to read Scripture faithfully, come to different understandings on all sorts of topics that affect Christian life. This discussion will be about baptism. Ethan Hightower will present the perspective of infant baptism. Keith Goad will present the perspective of believers’ baptism.

The Two Views series introduces differing viewpoints on doctrinal issues that affect Christian practice. Each speaker gives a brief presentation of his perspective and the two are brought into dialogue through audience questions. This series covers such topics as baptism, sabbath, spiritual growth, and eschatology. Through these events we hope to consider two things: 1) Since we do often disagree about how to interpret Scripture, how do we talk about those differences in love? 2) Theology is not abstract, dull, and meant only for specialists—rather, what we believe does affect how we live.