Parents Seminar

Why Bodies Matter: How Hope of Future Bodies Affects Life in our Present Bodies

This event has been postponed to Spring 2021.

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The Study Center is hosting its first ever Parents Seminar. Come join other current UVA parents, along with Study Center staff, to learn about why our bodies matter—and what that means for college students. Students are welcome to attend with their parents, but their attendance is not required. 

About the topic:

The Christian hope is a bodily hope—that those who belong to Christ will one day share in his bodily resurrection in a new creation. This hope of future bodies is also connected in the Bible to the ways we think and act in our present mortal bodies. Join Bill Wilder and Ellen Foster as they consider how Christians are called to live in and with their current, physical bodies in light of the resurrection. Particular focus will be given to issues relevant in the University environment including, but not limited to, anxiety and depression.