Event Reflection: Spring Break Trip to Greece

Spring Break Kristen Richey
Sarah Irving, Grace Zeng, and Kristen Richey in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

I wanted to use my spring break this year as a time to learn, grow, discover, and form relationships. I read about the Greece trip on the Study Center website and it sounded exactly like the spring break I was looking for, so I signed up in the first couple weeks of school. The trip helped shape my understanding of the gospel because it allowed me to better understand the context of Paul’s letters. We traveled to the cities that Paul visited during his second missionary journey and it was an unreal experience to trace Paul’s steps while reading his letters. Vula, our guide, did an amazing job of supplying us with the historical background in order to make more sense of Paul’s words. The places that we went to in Greece were breathtakingly beautiful, the baklava was delicious, and the history (both biblical and academic) was fascinating. It was 100% worth it and I would recommend it in a heartbeat. 

Kristen Richey, CLAS '18