Fourth Year Reflection: Margaret Montague

How did you first get connected to the Center for Christian Study?

Both of my older brothers, John Montague (’03) and Will Montague (’07), lived at the Center for Christian Study during their time at UVA, so my family has been involved there for almost as long as I can remember. When I came to UVA, the Study Center was a familiar place to me—a home away from home. I attended the Move In Day Lunch and met many fellow Christian first years—from then on, I spent countless hours in the Study Center library during my first year. One of the male residents drove me home every night so that I would never have to walk back to

Looking back as a fourth year getting ready to leave the University, what has the Study Center meant to your time at UVA?

The Study Center has meant so much to me during my time at UVA. It is a haven of rest in the midst of finals, a community center that connects individuals from all the Christian fellowships, and a great environment in which to study and pray. The Study Center staff is always available to talk through the stresses of college and relationships—Bill Wilder, Shelly Pellish, and Lane Cowin have prayed with and for me and shared great wisdom that has been so encouraging in my walk with Christ. I have been a part of the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) prayer team for the last three years, and the Study Center generously allows us to use the prayer room each week to come together and pray in community. The Study Center provides a wonderful community that makes studying seem much more personal and enjoyable; the library is a great place to meet individuals from various years and Christian fellowships, and I am so thankful for the relationships that I have been blessed with through the Study Center.

Any favorite Study Center memories?

My favorite study center memory ... it’s so hard to choose just one! I love reading on the porch on spring nights, coming to the Study Center with all 14 of my housemates from the White House and having a huge study party, enjoying exam snacks with good friends, spending snow days by the fireplace and the Christmas tree, pulling all-nighters in the library with my best friends and watching the sunrise over Charlottesville in the morning. My Study Center memories are truly some of my best memories at UVA!

What's next for you following graduation?

I will be living in Arlington, Virginia, next year working for the Advisory Board Company, a health care consulting company in Washington, DC.

Margaret Montague, CLAS '12