Looking For Love

Lecture Reflection: Looking for Love

It is easy for Christians to churn out an oversimplified framework of the ideal, romantic relationship—one that asserts a gendered list of "shoulds" for men and women and leaves us burdened with the pressure to become something, earn something, or find something pitched as the epitome of fulfillment. That being said, the Study Center’s seminar provided a refreshing departure from this norm, which echoed the freedom I find in Christ.

In the weeks following the talk, I came to better understand the way in which we humans are to reflect Christ’s love for the church in our relationships. The God who died for us did so to free us—let’s ask how we can free one another from the pressures we put on relationships in this crazy stage of life called college. Whether this is the pressure to find that ring by spring, become someone ‘better’ to earn a perfect relationship, fit a mold instead of being who you were so beautifully and lovingly made to be, or cling to our singleness in fear of hurt, rejection, challenge, or commitment; whatever pressures we feel, the gospel is liberating. It frees us from the urge to conform to culture, even the particular pockets of Christian culture we find ourselves in, as we are transformed, instead, by and toward Christ.

Courtney Morgan, BATT '17

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