Pi Chi Stories: Hope for the Hurting

After an unexpected start to her own Greek life experience, fourth year Sara has found hope and taken refuge in God’s ultimate plan. Her story—the last of our four-part Pi Chi series—reveals how God provided friends to comfort her, resources to sustain her, and a new perspective to see His hand at work during recruitment each year.

It's no secret that recruitment is emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting for all involved. Despite this, it is also a time of support and growth. I've found that everyone has the opportunity to support their friends throughout the process, whether you’re a first-year boy or girl, Greek or non-Greek—I'm talking everyone. Most importantly, recruitment is a time of trusting God's plan. During my first-year bid day, I was a crying wreck. I didn't join the chapter I had "preferenced," so my bid day ended with me crying to four of my closest guy friends in the bottom of Tuttle- Dunnington. After four years in my chapter, however, I've learned that while I may not have chosen my chapter, it was the right place for me. Ultimately, recruitment is a time of intense trust that God's plan will work itself out, even through the unexpected.

The Study Center is at the heart of it all. It serves as the home base for the roughly 1,000 potential new members (PNMs) and Panhellenic Counselors (Pi Chis) throughout the week. Plus, it’s a warm place to stop in between rounds and get free tea or Oreos. Ultimately, the Study Center provides PNMs a spot away from the stress of rounds and free of overwhelming conversations. As a PNM, I camped out at the Study Center during breaks. Not only was I able to confide in close friends, but I was able to meet new friends through the Study Center. Now as a Pi Chi, I am given the opportunity to support the women going through recruitment. It is a completely different side of the recruitment process, although equally exhausting and emotional. The Study Center continues to serve the same role for me as a Pi Chi as it did when I was a PNM. It is still a place of warmth, community, and free Oreos. Everyone takes a collective deep breath when walking into the Study Center throughout recruitment.

My advice to girls preparing to rush this year is to take time to care for yourself at the end of the day. You're talking to women. All. Day. Long. Even if you're enjoying recruitment, you're still exhausted. Make sure to take time to detox by doing whatever you do. More importantly, trust that everything will work out. Recruitment is a one-of-a-kind event. You'll (hopefully) never see 1,000 women lining up outside houses, while another 2,000 women clap to welcome them inside, ever again. Try to find the fun in it!  

Sara Kropp, CLAS '17, Pi Chi '16 and '17