Pi Chi Stories: Truth for the Conflicted

“As Christians, we know that we cannot be saved by anything we do, wear, or say—we are saved only by grace through Jesus.” In our third Pi Chi story, fourth year Clara reminds us of the truth of the gospel and provides practical advice for how women rushing this year can live out of that truth before, during, and after recruitment.

God has beautifully drawn women to Him during the recruitment process year after year. In an atmosphere that easily fosters comparison and insecurity, the Lord has used Christian women in and out of sororities to show His unconditional and unending love.

The truth of grace is radical in the recruitment process, during which many women feel they must perform to be liked, or else feel the sting of rejection. As Christians, we know that we cannot be saved by anything we do, wear, or say—we are saved only by grace through Jesus. When this truth is shared—directly or indirectly through acts of love—to women both within and outside of each house, God shows Himself as the true source of identity and peace.

I decided to become a Pi Chi last year and again this year because I wanted to be a source of comfort and peace for the women who take part in recruitment. I know that each woman who takes part in the process experiences it differently—some have a generally positive experience, while others can have a negative experience. As a Pi Chi, I get to know the women individually and care for them without any agenda. During my recruitment experience, I really appreciated having close friends and family members who were not in sororities or disaffiliated from their chapters (like I am as a Pi Chi) to remind me of my value in Christ. My hope is that I can do the same for women who are now younger than me.

As a Pi Chi, the Lord has taught me about the power of His grace. Before deciding to be a Pi Chi, I easily took for granted the fact that I am made in the image of God and have inherent value in His eyes. When I reminded the rushing women in my Pi Chi group of this simple yet amazing truth, I realized it really changes everything—and somehow that pleasantly surprised me! God has also taught me to listen with compassionate ears, show empathy, and humbly put myself in another’s shoes.

My advice for those preparing for recruitment is to hold on to core truths about who you are and who you want to be before, during, and after recruitment. It’s easy to get tunnel vision during the week and forget your identity is in Christ, or why you are even going through the process. I recommend clinging to key verses or memorable phrases from Scripture that can point you to your identity throughout each day. It is always helpful to have friends or family members who are not in the process to call upon as well, especially people who can remind you of these truths despite your circumstances. By standing on this solid foundation, you will not only be stronger in the face of anxiety or disappointment, but you can also be a friend and support to those women who are experiencing similar things around you. Ultimately, whether or not you join a sorority, the Lord can use recruitment to strengthen your faith and root you in His love.

When I think of the most relaxing and filling times of recruitment, as a potential new member (PNM) and as a Pi Chi, I think of the Study Center. It is a real gift to be able to sit down by the fire, eat free snacks, and talk to the wonderful Study Center staff and volunteers. The Study Center is not only a warming house in the literal sense (it is a warm and comfortable place to take refuge during those cold January days), but it also is a warm and inviting place where, as students, we always feel seen and cared for. The Study Center staff is always available for women who are seeking advice, comfort, or a shoulder to lean on. They work tirelessly to provide anything that women might need during recruitment—from Band-Aids to snacks to individual prayer.

-Clara, BATT ‘17, Pi Chi ‘16 and ‘17