The library is one of the central resources at the Center for Christian Study and can be found behind the double doors at the top of the front staircase. Its collection holds over 10,000 bibliographic items in addition to Christian periodicals such as Christianity Today, First Things, Touchstone, Books & Culture, Mars Hill Audio, Christian Scholar’s Review, and more. Any visitor to the Study Center is welcome to sign up as a library patron and begin checking out books.

Library StacksIn addition to the books and periodicals, the Study Center library comprises a large reading area with study tables and comfortable chairs, a computer center, and an adjacent prayer room. Students are welcome to use the computers to check email, perform online research, write papers, or work on projects. A printer is also available for students to use, though we ask that students provide their own paper.

We have recently installed Accordance® Bible Software on the Mac computer in the library. Accordance® makes it easy to explore the text and background of the Bible. If you would like to learn more about how to use this program for Bible study, class research, or sermon preparation, please contact our librarian, Trish Owen, or our library intern, Susannah Haig.

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