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Our programs and lectures are not just for students. During this season, we are not able to invite you to attend our lectures or discussion groups in person, but please join us on Zoom if you are interested! We also have years of archived lectures about a wide variety of topics–from James K. A. Smith’s lecture on “How Worship Works” to a video series on the history of race and racism in Charlottesville to our own Bill Wilder’s course on Galatians–and they are all available on our website. 

Explore our Archived Lectures and Courses to find more!
Archived Lectures 
For recommendations on recently published articles or upcoming talks by dedicated Christian thinkers across the country visit Study Center To-Go, the resource website run by our librarian-on-sabbatical, Trish Owen.

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Our ministry is largely dependent upon donations from parents, alumni, and community members. These gifts make it possible to care for UVA students through hospitality and Christian education. See our Amazon Wish List if you would like to make an in-kind donation to support our ministry of hospitality.
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