Small Groups

Gather with students and community members to learn more about Christianity and how faith applies to all spheres of life.  

Faith, Reason, and Science

The Faith, Reason, and Science group is for discussing questions about epistemology, the philosophy of science and the relationship of science and the Christian faith.
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McCabe House Bible Study

This group will consider how Christians ought to live and work in an increasingly secular world.
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Men's Breakfast

Men's Breakfast is an opportunity for undergraduate men to have weekly fellowship and consider the teaching of Scripture together.
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Theology of the Body

Our bodies matter because God has promised to redeem them (Rom 8:23). Come read and discuss excerpts from this influential theological work and consider how God’s purposes for our redemption are revealed in and through our bodies.
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Wretched Saints

This group will explore what it means for Christians to experience sin while expecting sanctification.
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